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Umbrella Covering Money

Our Umbrella Insurance Policies can cover all of your needs.


Extra liability at lower cost


Added coverage to existing policy


Protects against defamation or slander


Protects against false arrest


Added liability for other person's injury

About Your Umbrella Insurance Policy

Your umbrella insurance is a legal contract (the insurance policy) between you and the insurance company regarding additional layers of protection to your existing car and/or homeowners policies which is kept current (in force) by making payments (premiums) that are established at the time the policy is issued.

Your Umbrella Insurance Is Very Important

When You Build Wealth

When you begin to build wealth or accumulate assets, such as opening your own business or buying a home, an Umbrella Policy can provide extra liability coverage where the homeowners or business liability limits end. It gives you extra coverage at lower costs.

When You Are At Greater Risk

If you are in a situation that is at a higher risk than normal, for example: a teenage driver, you have unpleasant neighbors, some employees don’t follow your safety policies, you have children attending college, or anyone likely to sue you, your Umbrella Insurance can help you guard against higher losses.

How To Choose An Umbrella Insurance Policy

You should determine your wealth and risk factors for any loss. Compare that to your present liability policy and consider the additional amount you need, if any.

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