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About Your Auto Insurance

Your automobile insurance is a contract (the insurance policy) between you and the insurance company regarding your automobile (car, truck, van, or any other vehicle). The policy can cover one or more automobiles and their different drivers. For you to have insurance, you must make insurance payments (premiums) before any accident happens, whether it is your fault or not your fault.

 Auto Insurance Is Very Important

It’s The Law

Because of the number of automobile accidents that result in damaged or loss of property and/or injury or loss of life, a certain amount of automobile insurance is required by law. The Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act requires you to have a current minimum automobile insurance policy of 30-60-25. That means your insurance policy must be at least $30,000 to cover the driver, $60,0000 to cover the passengers and $25,000 to cover other property damage.

It Protects You, Your Property, And Others

With our Automobile Insurance, we help you protect your property, yourself and others. If something happens to your automobile while it is covered by the policy, the insurance company will pay for part of it, or all of it, depending upon the policy you choose.

How To Choose A Policy

Ask yourself a question: “If I’m in an accident involving $50,000 worth of damages, how much would I want the insurance company to pay me for my claim: $10,000, $25,000 or all of the $50,000?”

Your answer will show you what you are looking for in insurance coverage.

We will help you choose a policy that will meet your current needs.

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