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About Your Renters Insurance

Your renters insurance is a contract (the insurance policy) between you and the insurance company regarding your possessions if you rent rather than own your own home.

Since you are not insuring a building, as you do with Home Insurance, the renter’s policy covers your contents rather than your home.

To keep your renter’s policy current (in force) you must make payments (premiums) that were established upon the worth of your content at the time the policy was issued.

Your Renters Insurance Is Very Important

It Insures You Are Covered Against Loss Of Your Belongings

Although the building, or apartment, that you are renting might be insured, it does not mean you are insured.

If something were to happen as theft or fire and destroyed your property, the apartment owner is not necessarily at fault for your loss. Their insurance protects its property, but not your property.

It Protects You, Your Property, And Others

Renters insurance also helps protect you against loss from fire, water, lightning, flood, and theft. It can also protect you from being sued because of an accident within the place you rent; such as someone tripping over your floor mat and then wants to sue you for negligence.

How To Choose A Renters Policy

Keep the value of your contents and the policy coverage in mind when you decide upon the right policy for you.

  • Policies are issued from $1,000 to $50,000
  • Policies of $24,000 or less cover the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your contents
  • Policies over $25,000 cover the actual replacement cost of your contents
  • There is a 1% deductible on all claims

Give us a call at 972-264-2541 and we will help you choose a Renter’s Policy that will meet your current needs.

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